Claus Ryeskov wins at Danish Nats Rd3



Round tree of the Danish Nationals was held at the HRCR track in Hillerod, Denmark. Weather forecast was very bad few days before the race bud luckily the sun was shining the overall weekend. The qualification rounds saw Martin No. Hansen take the overall TQ ahead Claus Ryeskov and Claus Ryeskov.

Final started with Hansen and Ryeskov in front of the race. Ryeskov put lot of pressure on Hansen, tried 3-4 times to overtook Martin, but with no luck. After few rounds Hansen’s and Ryeskov’s cars went side by side into a chicane and Hansen was unlucky to go off the track. Ryeskov was ahead and a new battle began for the second and third place between Hansen and Rune Gustavsen. Hansen had a few glowplug hickups and went last in the field. Tom Limkilde was unlucky to hit the pit wall at smash his servo. Rene Kjellerup and Gustavsen just cruise to the finish line. After 28 minutes in the final a small rain began to fall, but the rain made no different on the overall finish. Claus Ryeskov took the win in front of Rune Gustavsen in second and Rene Kjellerup in third.