STRC Axial series aluminum lower suspension links & rear chassis braces



ST Racing Concepts have introduced news optional parts for Axial SMT10, Yeti, RR10 Bomber and SCX10 II. First up are the aluminum lower suspension links for the Axial SMT10, Yeti and RR10 Bomber. CNC machined from high quality aluminum the lower suspension link reinforcement bolt right on through the existing holes of the nylon lower links and greatly increase the durability and rigidity of the lower links. The plates greatly reduce flex in the lower suspension links, allowing the suspension to soak up the bumps and jumps properly. These works with the new SMT10 Grave Digger, Yeti rear suspension lower links, RR10 Bomber rear suspension lower links. Each pack features 4 CNC aluminum plates that are in the same shape and profile as the plastic lower links with light weight cut-outs and all the necessary hardware to install them. The mounting holes for these side plates are also countersunk to give to the rear lower suspension links a much cleaner look and also less likely to snag on rocks and obstacles. Available in Blue, Black, Green, Gun Metal, and Silver anodisations.

Next up are the aluminum rear chassis braces for the Axial SCX10 II. Originally designed for the SCX10, they are also compatible with the new SCX10 II as well, and now available in anodized red. The aluminum rear chassis braces eliminates the rear bumper all together (which is desirable for certain body styles) and shortens the overall length of the SCX10 II chassis. They also eliminate the rear bumper and shortens the chassis on the SCX10 II and in addition allows for the installation of LED lights to the rear. Also already available in Black, Gun metal and Silver.

sta31245all sta31245green sta31392j-silver sta31392j-s