Kyosho Mini-Z MR03 VE PRO GP Limited Edition chassis set



Kyosho have introduced the fastest Mini-Z ever, the MR03 VE PRO GP Limited Edition chassis set.

The 12000KV motor with various special option parts equipped to achieve the best performance on the track!

Kyosho will be releasing a beast! The Team Orion 12000KV brushless motor produces enormous power while being cooled down efficiently with the one-piece heat sink construction. Also, the chassis is equipped with the R246-1351 MML Aluminum Motor Mount and R246-1352 MML Roll Damper with special hard anodizing treatment for ultimate performance and durability. Needless to say, these special parts are only available with this GP Limited package. Update is not only on the rear part!

The front upper and lower arms have been updated with new 15% glass fiber reinforced material that realizes more accurate and rigid front suspension working. The chassis comes equipped with an MHS/ASF compatible Rx ESC unit, ball bearings, gold plated battery terminals and a black anodized ball diff (MZW302) as standard. With the MHS mode enabled (requires Syncro EX-6), the PRO RP Limited chassis responds to your fingertip control four times as fast as the ASF system does. If you don’t have an EX-6 transmitter now, no worries, the PRO chassis can also be controlled by the ASF system transmitter such as KT-18 and EX-5UR although the response speed is the same as the standard ASF mode.


  • Ball bearings equipped on all axles.
  • Gold plated battery terminals enable efficient current flow.
  • Powerful 12000KV 130-class compatible size sensor-less brushless motor with double ball bearings and integrated heat sink fins.
  • Adjustable power characteristics via the ICS expansion port.
  • Power indicator feature. Good for equal condition races.
  • Ball differential unit equipped as standard.
  • Optional gyro can be mounted on the top of the upper cover for easier access.
  • Hard anodized R246-1351 MML Aluminum Motor Mount equipped.
  • Hard anodized R246-1352 MML Roll Damper equipped.

Note: The rear axle is LM size (MZW302), so the wheel offset should be reduced by -2mm in order to install a touring car body.

Chassis set contents

Almost-factory-assembled MR-03W-MML chassis equipped with brushless Rx-ESC unit *tread width conversion parts to the narrow configuration *Pinion Gears (6T, 7T, 8T, 9T) *Rear shock stay
for wheelbase conversion *Front suspension adjustment spacers *Pinion gear removal tool *Wheel wrench.

Technical data

  • Scale: 1/27.6
  • Length: 117.7mm
  • Width: 70-76mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Chassis Type: MR-03W-MML
  • Wheelbase: 98.0mm(LL)
  • Tread (F/R): 61.5-63.0mm
  • Weight: 135g *130 class 12000KV brushless motor
  • Gear Ratio: 7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9:1
  • Tire Diameter (F): sold separately
  • Tire Diameter (R): sold separately
  • Tire Width (F): sold separately
  • Tire Width (R): sold separately
  • Transmitter (EX-6/KT-18/EX-5UR) sold separately Top Speed: approx. 25km/h Run Time: approx. 25 minutes

kyosho-mini-z-mr03-ve-pro-gp-limited-edition1 kyosho-mini-z-mr03-ve-pro-gp-limited-edition6 kyosho-mini-z-mr03-ve-pro-gp-limited-edition5 kyosho-mini-z-mr03-ve-pro-gp-limited-edition4 kyosho-mini-z-mr03-ve-pro-gp-limited-edition3 kyosho-mini-z-mr03-ve-pro-gp-limited-edition2 kyosho-mini-z-mr03-ve-pro-gp-limited-edition7