Spanish National final round report


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Race report by David Pérez:

The four and final round of the Spanish National Series was held at the Barakaldo track, near Bilbao. At the moment we arrived at the track we started with the setup from the last year race. On Thursday we set the pace near the record from last year, so we finished that day with a very good feeling.

On Friday we started testing something for improve race pace. And we achieved it, so it was a very very good day.

Saturday was qualy day. From the morning with reaseading heats I was in front of the pack. Eduardo had some problems with electronics and didn’t met the right setup so he was a little bit slower than me. When we started qualifying with new Volante tyre, I put myself in my best pace and could pull a 3 seconds gap on Beto Rivera, second driver in that starting qualifying. The same happened in next qualification rounds. Behind Beto, it was Javier Alonso in third and my championship opponent, Eduardo Escandón qualified in fourth place.

We made some changes for the finals to gain gain some rear traction for the first laps. In the first final I crossed the finish line in 1st place with 4 seconds lead. But some troubles appeared when in the second final. Gonzo García was hit by another driver and when the marshall put the car back on the track, Gonzo and me, with a little bit of bad luck made contact and this allowed Beto to pass me, but I closed the gap quickly and made a pass to achieve the championship title. So, finally I took that A2 win and claimed SNS 2016 Season Champion title.

Final Modified Results

  1. David Pérez – XRAY
  2. Beto Rivera – XRAY
  3. Javier Alonso – TAMIYA
  4. Carles Echarri – ARC
  5. Eduardo Escandón – YOKOMO
  6. Javier Ferrando – XRAY
  7. Alejandro Martínez – XRAY
  8. Gonzo García – YOKOMO
  9. Jorge Vegas – XRAY


Final Stock Results

  1. Chicha Rioja De Diego
  2. Tony MurTony XRAY
  3. Yeray Martínez García XRAY
  4. Mikel Cobos XRAY
  5. Rafael Ortiz Casado
  6. Hugo Missa
  7. Alejandro Zárate XRAY
  8. Ioritz Vegas Diez XRAY
  9. Unai Rodriguez Navascues
  10. Marc Moix Socorregut


Final F1 Results

  1. Ivan De La Calle XRAY
  2. Gaspar J. Barrón
  3. Paco Macias XRAY
  4. (b)alex Antuña XRAY
  5. Alfonso Guilarte Cano
  6. Juan Castañon Caravera XRAY
  7. Luis Ramon Orihuela Lopez  XRAY
  8. Raquel Silveira Ramilo
  9. Ignacio Pérez García XRAY
  10. (b) Guillermo Vázquez Mediavilla XRAY


Champions of Spanish National Series 2016

 in Modified class:

  1. David Perez Xray
  2. Eduardo Escandon
  3. Beto Rivera Xray

Champions of Spanish National Series 2016

 in Stock class:

  1. Chica Rioja
Tony mur  Xray
  3. Rafael Ortiz


Champions of Spanish National Series 2016

 in F1 class:

  1. Ivan De La Calle  Xray
  2. Paco Macias  Xray
  3. Gaspar j. Barrón