Serpent Natrix 748 brass front suspension holder & super light CVDs



Serpent have introduced two new optional parts for the Natrix 748. First up is the brass front suspension holder. While the standard aluminium part weighs 4 grams, this new brass weighs almost 8 times more, 33 grams. The extra brass weight was tested and used already at the WC in Thailand 2 years ago, to mainly lower the chance of traction rolls on high traction tracks, by having extra weight low in the car and more to the front (combined with the brass chassis slider weights # 804273). The number of high tractions tracks ( coating) seems to be increasing, so Serpent decided to offer this part as official optional for the Natrix 748 now.

Next up are the super light hard coated aluminium and engraved alu CVDs. These parts can be used in the front and in the rear of the 748 / 733 and are approximately 60% lighter compared to the standard springsteel units. The use of the alu transmission parts reduces weight, rotating mass and will thus improve acceleration and braking. Of course all alu parts can be mixed with the existing CVDs steel parts but Serpent advise the use of steel driveshafts with aluminium wheelaxles in long finals.