Yokomo Racing Perfomer Ultra LCG 5000mAh LiPo battery pack



Yokomo have released their new LCG 5000mah Touring Car battery. Weighing in at a mere 274 grams, this battery is designed purposely for Stock and Modified racing, for those who want the perfect weight balance. The new LCG battery comes with real specs and an incredible 140+ C rating, while also supporting a lowered centre of gravity design which translates to more corner speed.

Yokomo has spared no expense in ensuring real honest battery specifications in their new line up. Available in mid September.

RPB-50LCG(レーシングパフォーマーUltraシリーズLi-po_5000mAh/7.4V140C(+5mm/-4mmコネクター仕様)) RPB-50LCG(レーシングパフォーマーUltraシリーズLi-po_5000mAh/7.4V140C(+5mm/-4mmコネクター仕様)02)