PROTOform Formula 1 wings


PROTOform Formula wings

PROTOform have released their first wing set for 1:10 Formula 1 cars, one of the fastest growing segments of on-road RC racing. There were three main ingredients the team at PROTOform took into consideration when designing these wings:

  1. Look awesome
  2. Be durable and
  3. Perform excellently on the track.

Starting with the aesthetics, the wings come in a sleek matte black finish. Inspired by real F1 wing styling, this wing will give your 1:10 Formula 1 car an unmistakable look on the track. The rear wing is a true multi-element design featuring slots in the side dams, just like the 1:1 cars. The middle element proudly features an emblazoned PF icon. The front wing is a 1-piece design with inner fins for added stability and smooth steering. For high-nose bodies such as the PROTOform F1-thirteen, an add-on nose support is also included.

PROTOform team of F1 drivers have said the combined wing set (Front #1722 and Rear #1723) provides an ideal combination of overall stability and steering, making the car super easy to drive. Rear downforce can be tuned by removing either of the upper elements, creating a “Monza-style” setup for high speed tracks. There are also three different mounting positions on the plate to adjust the height of the wing if your chassis does not have this feature. This wing set will fit most popular F1 cars on the market such as XRAY, Tamiya, Yokomo and Roche.

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