Danish Nats Rd4 report


Danish Nats Rd4 1

Race report by Mike Gosvig:

National round 4 in TC was held last weekend, I took the trip to the big odense track with my teammate Patrick Danielsen, we were at the track from the morning, and the sun was out! On saturday the practice was on and both my T4’s was on point in the stock class, I faster like 9-11 seconds faster than number 2 over 5 minutes, and in the modified my car made the fastest laptimes even on old tires!

The race was on and there was a lot of rain on the track from the nigth, the track was drying very slow! and all the grip was now gone…. First qualys I made TQ runs in both classes, it was wet/dry surface, and I was a lap faster than number 2 in both classes, second qualy the track was dry but there was no traction, my cars felt good the first lap and then it begun to slide all over the place! I took the overall TQ in Modified in front of Frederik Hovgaard, and in the stock class I made it to second on the grid. In the first main I was on the inside of the leader in the 3 corner as he opend the door like super much, but then he turned and we were side by side and I spun around, I was last but in the 5 minutes I overtook and fightet my way back to 2nd place not long from the leader.

Danish Nats Rd4

Modified my car was truly amazing, I took the tone to tone win with Frederik made a big crash so I overtook him with a lap. Michael Ivø in 3rd place. 2nd main there was a lot of rain, so I prepared my cars and was ready, second stock main, I overtook the leader on the 2 lap, and he aqua planned on the straigth spun out and hit me… so now i was 5th. I overtook the lead after some laps the some nice battles with my teammates Patrick and Steven!

In the lead me and steven Battled it out – Steven had super good steering out on the straght and I had like nothing 😀 so last lap steven overtook, but as I thougth he forced to much end of straigth and braked to late I was on the inside and overtook steven before the finish line! There was like 2-5cm water on the track so it was hard to drive. The modified race was a battle with me and Frederik, my tires was super used, and I could not push, so i took it super easy and got the win infront of Frederik Hovgaard! Before the last race in 1 weeks time I’m already Danish Champion in modified!

Last stock heat my car made a half lap and then the ESC died…. now I was watching my teammate steven take the lead easy and take the important win infront of Stefan Finnich and Jesper Rasmussen in 3rd! Stevens final was slower than mine so I took also the win in the stock class!

Also Danish champion 1 race before the season stops!