2016 French National Cup report


frenche cup Modifié

Past weekend took place the 2016 French National Cup at the Evry track, near Paris. In France, there are yearly two outdoor national titles in each categories. One by the French Championship, (5 races on 5 different track), and the second by the French National Cup, which is a single race.

In Modified Cyril N’Diaye obtained the pole position, while his teammates Thomas Vigneron (current leader of the French Championship) qualified his Team Magic E4RS III Plus on the second position. During the finales, Cyril and Thomas had a good fight and finished 1/2 and 2/1 during the 2 first finales. The third was decisive and Cyril maintained his position and won the race !

Overall Results – Modified:

  1. Cyril N’Diaye – Team Magic E4RS III Plus / HRC Racing
  2. Thomas Vigneron – Team Magic E4RS III Plus / HRC Racing
  3. Hugo Ragaut
  4. Mathieu Brière
  5. Rémi Callens – Team Magic E4RS III Plus / HRC Racing
  6. Ahmed Kerfati
  7. Romain Picard
  8. Walther Pollet-Villard
  9. Jeremy Limoges
  10. Manuel Wagner

In 13.5 class Hai Long Tran, who is already 2016 French National Champion confirmed his domination in France with a second title: Hai obtained the pole position and the overall win in front of Eugène Orer in second and Briac Berthoud in third.

french cup 13.5

Overall Results – 13.5:

  1. Hai-Long Tran – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
  2. Eugène Orer
  3. Briac Berthoud
  4. Cédric Vigneron
  5. Sébastien Gibert
  6. William Pomarel
  7. Cyril Menuge
  8. Widy Gimard
  9. Romain Sansano – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
  10. Olivier Maspimby