JQ’s Blog: The RC Racing market is broken – And it’s my fault…



Over the past few years, I have realised more and more that something is wrong with this market. The market for racing cars, and more precisely 1:8th scale offroad buggies is really quite small. It is a worldwide market, but it is a niche within a niche.

As much as I want to see RC Racing grow and the products improve, it’s not going to happen as long as two things keep happening. Due to too many brands, leading to a fragmentation of the already small market, no one gets enough of a share. Brands tend to sponsor everyone and anyone. Hey I want to start racing RC cars, sponsor me. Ok you’re on the team. It’s the only way to get a market share it seems.

It’s killing hobby shops, and along with that tracks. Basically we are killing our own hobby. The other thing, the race to the bottom, lower and lower prices in an attempt to sell. The cars are too cheap! And get this, I am doing BOTH of these things. And I f**king hate it. But I have a choice, quit, or play the game.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. The root of all these issues is the fact that the Asian manufacturers made it too easy for any idiot (including me) to make their own brand.

So a lot of people did, instead of supporting the already existing ones. Here I take a look at the brands in the market at the moment as far as 1:8th scale buggies are concerned, and give my opinion on if they are good for RC or bad. Remember that this is my opinion right now. As with everything in life, including opinions (although some people haven’t learned this), these are flexible, and as time goes on, brands can change their strategy, or create one, and as such their status may change. So just because I think your favourite brand has a negative impact, it doesn’t mean it will be that way forever.

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