Scottish Touring Car GP report


Scottish Touring Car GP podium

Race report by Peter Eagles:


Saturday started with 3 times practise rounds. This allowed me to insure the T4’16 Mod car went as it should. As I was racing at my home track I had already got a setup for the track, which I didn’t change all weekend. I got the fastest time in all 3 of these practises. In F1 the XRAY X1’16 also felt easy and consistent to drive. From practise I could tell I was in contention for the podium spaces.

We also had 4 qualifiers. I took TQ in the first 2 rounds. In those rounds I got a best lap of 15.99s, which was the best lap of the weekend and along with that got 2 19 lap runs. I was the only driver to achieve a 19 lap run all weekend. The third qualifying run was a bit scrappy on my end, I was also tagged by a back marker. I still managed a third in round however. In Q4 I secured the TQ thanks to tyre selection and condition.


We had 1 practise and a qualifier. Both of these I ran but both were also throw away rounds in a sense as the TQ was already secured. In the finals I started from pole and in both leg 1 and 2 I had tone to tone victories in very challenging conditions. Strong winds started throwing the cars around so a safer, easier car to drive was important. As expected, the T4’16 was on point and performed superbly. I sat our leg 3 as the race was already won, I wanted to save tyres for Mendip national next weekend and I had organising duties to take care of.

In F1 I ended up qualifying 3rd and I would keep that position in the final leaving me A3 as a finishing position. The X1’16 also worked well but was likely let down by my lack of regular F1 driving.

As far as other XRAY drivers, Chris Briggs took home 3rd in the mod class after qualifying in that position also. He’s my sort of unofficial team mate. We race together all year and are the best 2 XRAY On-road drivers in Scotland. Callum Keith gained a position in the Mod A final moving up to 4th just missing out on the podium.

In pro stock Bryan Duffus got a second place after an almost 2 year a sense from racing due to family commitments. In F1 Luke Lee dominated the class, only not finishing first once when he started a run. The chassis wasn’t represented at the top end of the 17.5 class. However Keir Duffus took home a 5th in the A in that class.