Danish Nats Rd5 buggy & Rd3 TC report


Danish Nats Rd5 podium buggy 4WD

Race report by Mike Gosvig:

The weekend was a busy one for me, I started out with Friday practice on the nationals round 5 track in RCkongen Søndersø, track was super low traction, so I was working a lot to find a good setup to the track, the track was also technical and some corners you could not see the car, but I was almost the only driver in 4wd who could clear the tripple jump in the middle of the track with a good landing, this was good if you liked to get away og pass other drivers! I found a good setup to both my cars.

Saturday was the race day and we was ready for the qualys! I was in second place in 2wd behind Jesper Rasmussen, but then the rain came, and I had no traction at all, so I ended 12 in this round… the next round I was not ready for the rain – because I made my 4wd ready – I could take some important point in the championship here. Do I did not make the a-main because of the bad luck with the weather…. Next up was 4wd – and I almost did not make it, I was making the car rain ready and the heat almost started so I ran to the driver stand and was starting last, car was good and made no mistakes, soon I was in the lead, but a Marshall was sliding on the track and hit his shoulder! so the race stopped….

I TQ’ed the first round after I made some mistakes because of the wet track, the next round I got taking out 2 times while leading, and I got blocked so I ended 2nd in this one. Last round I needed TQ as the round I tq’ed was the slowest one, and the track was almost dry now, but I made the wrong tire choice, wet tires and setup on almost dry track!!!!! – Car was good but hard to drive, I still got the overall tq after some small mistakes. I won the heat with 1 second to Jesper.

Danish Nats Rd5 action

Now on to the mains: I made some good first lap to pull a good margin in the front, but when I hit the rope end of straight and rolled the car! still just in front of Jan Larsen, but then a slower car was in the apex and I got stucked, Jan Pulled away, but I then just begun to push, and then I made no mistakes! – I made fastest laptimes of the race here, and was 0.4 faster than Jan every lap – some times more, Jan was taking the double single and hit a backmarker, I took the tripple and got back in front! I now pulled away and won the main with 6 second to Jan Larsen, Jesper 3rd, 3 seconds after Jan.

Second main I took the tone to tone victory just pulling away from everyone, I won the main with 5 seconds to second place and made 0.6 faster laptime than everybody – car was super good! So TQ and win – I’m now in front in the championship with 10 points to number 2 with 2 races to go!

Last main I tried to make some more flex to my XB4 but this was to much and the car stopped in the corners, I took the start but made to many mistakes, I just run the heat for testing! Frederik Hovgaard took the win in this main with Jan in second, Jesper 3rd and me in 4th.

Overall standings:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY – TQ
  2. Frederik Hovgaard – Yokomo
  3.  Jan Larsen – Team C
  4. Jesper Rasmussen – Associated
  5. Tobias Hansen – Yokomo
  6. Rasmus Petersen – XRAY
  7. Henning Warner – XRAY
  8. Jens Otto Frederiksen – Associated

After this race I go directly to the TC track where on Sunday the TC nationals round 3 was held! I drove in 2 hours almost and then hit the track, but it has been raining…… so I only made 2 packs of both stock and modified to get a feeling of the cars, Also Frederik Hovgaard came to the track and we made our cars ready, all other drivers went home earlier because of the rain.

Sunday I was early out to get track time, BUT the track was a little wet + the sugar the club had put on the track – the cars was taking sugar on the tires, so impossible to practice, the club try to dry the track, and we had a half hour for practice… my cars felt ok, but I did not know what tires was best – old or new. I made the choice to go new tires for the race.

I made the TQ in all rounds of stock and modified! first round track was very slippery to drive in both classes, 2nd round was super fast as I was making new track records in both classes, I only rolled the stock car ones and lost 5-6 seconds but still TQ’ed with 3 tenths to Frederik Broløs, last round I tried different setup on the car with stiffer springs, car was not better, but I still tq’ed with 2-3 seconds!

Modified I change the springs in front of the car and this was the rigth to do, car was amazing fast and stable!! I was 9 seconds in front of Hovgaard who made a little mistake underway. Last qualy I made a bad choice with springs and car was 4-5 seconds slower on 5 minutes, as it had no rear traction.

The mains was on, in stock car was unstable at the start, Frederik was trying to go on the outside of my car on 2 lap as he touch my rear end, but as I was going through the corner I had the inside line and I pushed Frederik out with side by side and he rolled his car, now the traction was better in my car and I could pull away with Søren boy in second, and Kevin Nielsen in 3rd, only 1 second after Søren. I won the main with 5 seconds to Søren!

The modified main, I also took an easy win, with Casper in 2nd as Frederik Crashed out on the straight. Second main I took an easy win in Modified in front of Frederik Hovgaard, the car was amazing, and just felt better and better!

In the Stock class the rain came 5 minutes before our run, I ran into the pits with my pit man Jack Holger Sorensen, we made the car fast rain proof (we hoped) and changed to rain tires, and the main was on, I took the lead, trying to  find the best way around the track, both Steven and Soren pushed too much in the rear as more and more rain was coming, they aqua planned and I just took it easy and won with 1 lap in front of Soren, I made almost a half second faster lap times. Good job by my team mate, Steven from 7th on the grid, after he did not found the pace in the qualms! Last mains I sit out as I already TQ’ed and won both classes! In mod Frederik took the win with Casper in 2nd, in Stock Patrick Danielsen won the main with Steven second and Soren 3rd.

Overall standings:

Danish Nats Rd3 podium TC mod


  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY – TQ
  2. Frederik Hovgaard – Yokomo
  3. Casper Morgan – XRAY
  4. Micheal Ivø – XRAY
  5. Patrick Folman – Gizmo
  6. David Hansen – XRAY
  7. Martin Lissau – Gizmo

Danish Nats Rd3 podium TC superstock


  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY – TQ
  2. Soren Boy Holst – VBC
  3. Steven Olsen – XRAY
  4. Patrick Danilsen – XRAY
  5. Stefan Finnich – Schumacher
  6. Kevin Nielsen – Yokomo
  7. Frederik Broløs – Yokomo
  8. Daniel Bjerg – Gizmo