Jitse Miedema doubles at the Club meet of Heemstede Rd5


podium formula

The 5th round of the Club meet of Heemstede was held at the new MACH track.


In the (ETS spec) F1 class Jitse Miedema took TQ followed by Niels de Zwijger. Niels took the fastest lap, but wasn’t able to get a consistent pace. In the 13.5 Touring class Jitse also took the TQ followed by Roy Bakker. Out here it was Jitse with the best pace, but the rest caught up as the day went on.


In F1 Jitse easily took the first heat, due to a collision of the guys starting from P2 and P3. In the second final Niels overtook Jitse in the first minute and had a gap. Jitse took the challenge to close the gap and passed Niels, and he just did in the last few laps. In 13.5 TC it was all Jitse’s race, dominating the finals. The fight was for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th being a 3way battle in both finals. The guy coming out on top of the battles was Thomas.

Final results:


  1. Jitse Miedema Xray X1
  2. Niels de Zwijger CRC WTF
  3. Ben Voorhaar Xray X1
  4. Randy van den Berg Serpent
  5. Edwin Neijenhoff Serpent
  6. Ernst Haaksman Tamiya


  1. Jitse Miedema Xray
  2. Thomas Buijze Yokomo
  3. Martignoni Matty Xay
  4. Thijs van Mourik Yokomo
  5. Alexander Terlouw Serpent
  6. Roy Bakker Spec-R
  7. Bert de Winter Awesomatix
  8. Cock Zeij Xray