John Knight sweeps first Istanbul GT night race



In Istanbul, Turkey, was held the first ever night race for 1/8 GT cars on the bumpy low grip track at Maltepe Park. This was a test to see interest in the racing as a new class for next season. The race was held from 7.30pm and finished at midnight, the local public people were sitting around the outside fencing of the track and really got behind us with cheering and clapping. The atmosphere at night was electric and the weather was perfect. The races and qualifying were very close all night with John Knight taking TQ and Tom How very very close behind. Drivers only ran 5 minute races as this was a test run but in those 5 minute sessions the cars were very close. In the last qual the time between John and Tom was 9 laps and .053 of a second. John Knight took overall 1st position with Tom How 2nd and Mert Köroğlu 3rd from the 3 finals.