2016 China National Championships report


2016 China National Championships podium

1/8 On-road Touring Car 

The 2016 National Championships was held in Xiamen, China, the venue is ARC track under 3P Batteries Co., Ltd.  The track is consisted of 70 m through-road, high-speed track.  To be fair to every driver, the layout of the track was modified before the National Championships.  They were familiar with the new Layout less than two days, it was a very big challenge for all competitors.  He used a new RX8 2016 this time, Although this is a high-speed track, but with the consideration with the Nitro Car in this competition too, many detours Layout will tend to narrow.

The first day game scheduled in the morning two heats, but it began to rain before the start of the game.  But the track was in a semi-dry and slippery when they almost started the game, they had prepared dry tires and wet tires under the circumstances, they decided that if other Competitors do not use rain tires they were still using the dry tires for the race.  However, many drivers’ performance were very good during the warm up lap, they speculated that the other drivers most likely used with wet tires. Then they act decisively, replaced the dry tires with wet tires. Because the ground was not all wet, they need to make the tires in wet completely, but the lap time was very limited, they do not have enough time to put all tires in wet.  So, they also did not have chance to do more practice in the track, and rushed to start. The gripping was obviously much better after used with wet tires, they successfully won the 1st round of TQ.

The 2nd round of qualifying was in dry mode, their spirit were very good car,  also won the TQ in the 2nd round by led two cars with three laps.  The 3rd round of qualifying matches scheduled in the next day, we put the weight in the middle of the floor moved forward into the corner in the car in order to be able to be more aggressive, but was blocked by a group of cars in slow mode in the first lap, the steering arm was broken, used this bad car to finish this game.  But this time, this bad experience gave them a good tip, he replaced the longer screw, the thread became deeper and more solid ready for the final last for 45 mins. Although they gain no point in the 3rd round of preminlary, but other drivers of the 3rd round did not go beyond the preliminary results of the 2nd round of their results, they won the pole position. His car ran very smooth at the beginning of the final, he led the 2nd place by one lap when he went to the Pit first time.  The whole trip was very well until 25 minutes pits to change tires, their advantage has been extended to seven laps. Finally, they won 1/8 On-road Championship by leading two cars 12 laps.

1/10 Electric Touring Car 

Took the two best result of four preliminaries.  Three heats scheduled at the afternoon on the first day of the race, a total of six groups. The humidity of the ground was the key factor.  It was very significant to determine what kind of tires they took.  They need to consider the interval time between six groups.  The changes in humidity and temperature were out of control.  It is very difficult to control the car used with the wet tires if the ground is dry.  When the first round of the first group started, the weather was cloudy, the water evaporated very slowly.  They used SOREX R24 tires for the wet ground, but the sun came out, the ground speed instant dry after 3 groups preliminary finished.  It was basically all dry when they played.  It was quite hard to make the choice of tires. As their tires were overheating, they did not get a very good grades.  After two games with the wet tires too.  They made a mistake to use the tires which were overheating in the first round, it was not competitive. They still use the wet tires on the 3rd round, we still plagued by tire problems, did not find the right tires was their biggest stumbling block.  They hope that the dry mode could be used at the last round of preliminary in the next morning.

Luckily, the ground was dry in the next morning, the dry tires could be used. The game header time Gary has been in second and third position, he got the 1st position after 4 mins.  Unfortunately, Gary lost the 1st place because of a minor mistake, his car was turned over.  Failed to get the TQ, got the 5th place. And Gavin got the 7th place because his performance in the first three preliminaries was not ideal.

Three rounds of finals scheduled at the afternoon of the same day.  Gary got the 2nd place and Gavin got the 4th place in the first round of the finals. The 2nd round of the finals, Laomin Hao made a mistake, lost the 1st position and just kept the 5th place. At that moment, Gary launched a strong attack against Li Jiawei when Gavin in the 4th place attacked Zhang Fangzhou in 3rd position.  After two laps, Gary was at the 1st place, and Zhangfang Zhou kept chasing Li Jiawei who was at 2nd place, but the collision occured, Gavin has taken this advantage and rose to the 2nd place, and kept the position till the end of 2nd round of finals.  Since Gary and Laomin Hao got the same score, their performance were very critical in the 3rd round of finals to determine who is the championship.  Laomin Hao’s car ran very smooth at the beginning of the 3rd round of finals,  Gary also must go beyond the Li Jiawei and Zhang Fangzhou in order to close to Lao Min Hao at the 1st position, Gavin stepped on the slippery turn with the front of the car, collision and then dropped to the last place.  Halfway through the game, Gary rose to second placeAs Gary has spent a lot of time beyond the front cars,still kept a distance from the 1st place. Gary was only struggling to catching up.  While Gavin has put great effort to fight back, rose to the 4th place. Then the tires of Zhang Fangzhou in 3rd place were damaged, Gavin turnd to 3rd place, but still has distance from Gary.  The 1st car Laomin Hao began to ran very cautiously to avoid crashes with the cars. Gary instantaneous speed closer to its distance, in the last minute, Laomin Hao’s car was crashed with the other car at the end of a U-turn. Gary took this advantage to rise to 1st place.  After repaired, Lao Min Hao’s car back to the track and was still very close to Gary.

They immediately launched more fierce fight.  Gary still kept calm when Lao Min Hao fight back, Gary’s car was attacked twice in the two laps.  Finally a serious collisionin happened in a low-speed corners at the end of the straight road.  Luckily, Gary’s car was still okay, not a serious damage.  But Laomin Hao’s car was out of control U-turn. Gavin has this chance to rise to 2nd place and completed the last lap.  2 out of 3 final results, Gary won the National Championships Lao Min Hao 1st runner-up, and Gavin was 2nd runner-up, they also got the team title of this class.

1/8 On-road Touring Car 

  1. Gary Huang XRAY
  2. Jiawei Li SERPENT
  3. Guoshen You SERPENT
  4. Jiufa Huang SERPENT
  5. Hanbin He SERPENT
  6. Lingfeng Huang MUGEN
  7. Chuliang Li MUGEN
  8. Lihong Yu MUGEN
  9. Lerong Feng SERPENT
  10. Jiarong Liu SERPENT

1/10 Electric Touring Car

  1. Gary Huang XRAY
  2. Minghao Lao XRAY
  3. Gavin Kwok XRAY
  4. Rocket Zhang AWESOMATIX
  5. Jiawei Li XRAY
  6. Fangjie Ding AWESOMATIX
  7. Junshan Deng XRAY
  8. Chuanzhi Ma YOKOMO
  10. Zhipeng Cao IHOBBY