Urban Touring Series report


Open Class Podium

Singapore’s Urban Touring Series welcomed its largest race turnout at the weekend with a total of 40 entries with the newly added Formula class. Most of Singapore’s top EP racers were in attendance, ensuring a super competitive field.

TC Open Class

A total of 16 racers took the start and at the end of qualifying, it would be Yokomo’s factory driver Nicholas Lee who would dominate, winning all 4 rounds of qualifying. Despite an absence of 8 months from racing, Xray’s Daryl Thong would qualify 2nd, while Destiny’s Esmail Apandi ended up 3rd. Due to rain, only 2 of the scheduled 3 legs of the finals would be run. Nicholas took the win in A-Main Leg 1, with ARC’s PY Tang in 2nd, while Xray’s Dominic Quek came home 3rd. In Leg 2, Nicholas led before becoming involved in a racing incident, handing the lead to PY Tang. PY would just about hang on to take the win from a hard charging Nicholas. Yokomo’s Eugene Goh would finish 3rd in Leg 2. With one of the 2 legs to count, the overall results were as follows:-

A-Main Results – TC Open Class

  1. Nicholas Lee Yokomo BD7 2016 (TQ)
  2. PY Tang ARC R11
  3. Dominic Quek Xray T4 2016
  4. Eugene Goh Yokomo BD7 2016
  5. Daryl Thong Xray T4
  6. Ng Wei Jian Tamiya TRF 419
  7. Hasron Robana Xray T4 2016
  8. Esmail Apandi Destiny

17.5T Non-Boost Class

In the 17.5T Non-Boost Class, after the first 3 rounds of qualifying saw 3 different racers topping the timesheets, Tamiya’s Ng Wei Quan who ultimately prevail and grab overall TQ with a storming run in Q4. Ng Wei Jian (Tamiya), the younger brother to Wei Quan, qualified 2nd on a tiebreak from Leonard Sim (Awesomatix). In the finals, Leonard Sim broke through to win in Leg 1 by a narrow 0.5secs from Wei Jian, while Wei Quan finished 3rd. In Leg 2, Leonard Sim hit the track’s tire wall requiring some trackside repairs. This gave the lead over to the Ng brothers, who engaged in a fierce sibling battle. After a couple of contacts between the pair, Wei Quan secure the win by a very slim 0.2secs from Wei Jian. Hasron Robana finished 3rd. With the final results tabulated, Leonard Sim was declared the overall winner on a tie break by 1.4secs over Wei Quan, while Wei Jian would finish 3rd

A-Main Final Results – 17.5T Non-Boost Class

  1. Leonard Sim Awesomatix A800
  2. Ng Wei Quan Tamiya TRF 419X (TQ)
  3. Ng Wei Jian Tamiya TRF 419X
  4. Hasron Robana Tamiya TRF 419
  5. Tony Neo Awesomatix A700 Evo
  6. Scott Pettet Yokomo BD7 2015
  7. Joe Hwee HB Pro5
  8. Danial Miswan VBC

Formula Class

10 racers took the start in the first Formula class run as part of the series. Qualifying was based on the best 2-consecutive laps over a 15-min session. Leonard Sim (Tamiya) secured TQ, followed by Joe Hwee (Exotek) and Allister Lim (Xray). In the finals, Leonard Sim stamped his authority with relatively easy wins in both legs. Xray’s pair of Allister Lim and Charles Lim took home overall 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Final Results – Formula Class

  1. Leonard Sim Tamiya F104
  2. Allister Lim Xray X1 2016
  3. Charles Lim Xray X1 2016
  4. Joe Hwee Exotek F1R3
  5. Smith Kek Shepard
  6. Chhua Joo Kiah Tamiya F104
  7. Andrew Law Tamiya F104
  8. Pason Phua Serpent
  9. Michael Siow Capricorn
  10. HJ Quek Xray X1 2016