Daan Jacobs wins Dutch National 200mm GP


Dutch National 200mm GP podium

Last weekend saw the 4th round of the Dutch 1/10 scale national and Nomac held in the northern part of the Netherlands in Groningen. The long journey, the bumpy but beautiful lay-out make this circuit a love hate matter. Some familiar names were missing due to different circumstances. It was the first race this year that good be held in perfect weather condition and on Saturday a lot of drivers adapting the setups to the bumpy ride.

By the Nationals it was Daan Jacobs (Serpent) who took TQ followed by Roy Bakker ( Sheperd ), John Weytboer ( Serpent ) third and Dave de Ruiter on fourth spot. For the Nomac the order was Mark Been (Kyosho) at the top followed by Jos Remmerde (Kyosho) at third Hans Westerveld (Kyosho) and Jan Timmer ( Kyosho ) completed this four. So the drivers for A and B final were decided. Nice to see that Tim de Jong (Serpent ) in his first year made it to the A final.

Dutch National 200mm GP podium 1

The end of the two Nomac (B) finals were decided in the advantage of Mark Been ( Kyosho ) second victory this year, Hans Westerveld (Kyosho) second and third was Mathieu vd Hoeven (Serpent).
For the National Daan took the lead in the final and in the beginning Roy Bakker could hold almost the same pace until he run in some engine trouble and after that Daan had no serious threat anymore. At end of the finals Daan took both wins and secured also title already with still two races to come. Roy Bakker (Sheperd) was runner up and for the very first time on the Podium was Dave de Ruiter ( Capricorn ) on a well deserved 3th place after so many years of racing. Tim de Jong ( Serpent ) ended his first A Final on a nice 5 place. The fifth round will be held at Raco 2000 at end of August. But first we have the worlds in Gubbio with 3 dutch drivers who certainly will give there best shot. Jilles Groskamp, Milan Holthuis and Daan Jacobs.