Salvadori & Langowski win at Brazilian Nationals



The Brazilian Nationals of 13.5 Blink and 17.5 Blink was held at CAAR beautiful track located in the great city of Curitiba this past weekend. July is our winter month and Curitiba is well known for the lowest temperatures but for the championship the cold wind gave us a break and let the sun warm all drivers. In 13.5 we could see the best drivers from Brazil fighting for the title with tenth of seconds separating them. All the best drivers at the same lap. The final results for 13.5 Blink was:

  1. Cesar Salvadori
  2. Fabricio Zamperetti
  3. Lincoln Almeida
  4. Dennis Pickthall
  5. Erich Heshiki
  6. Flavio Loures Salinet – XRAY T4 2016
  7. Willian Capitelli – XRAY T4 2016
  8. Felipe Franceschi – XRAY T4 2015
  9. Bruno Alvez
  10. Henrique Winik

Driver Otavio Langowski got the same points as Pedro Thieme but the results was better for Otavio so… he is the Champion of 2016. The 17.5 class had the most drivers of the event with 23 participants compared to 17 in 13.5 class. The event was full of interesting battles on the track with every corner being important, but still very fair with clean overtakes. The final results of 17.5 Blink:

  1. Otavio Langowski – XRAY T4 2016
  2. Pedro Thieme
  3. Luiz Castori
  4. Flavio Fatinzanzi
  5. Michel Franque
  6. Diogo Maia – XRAY T4 2015
  7. Eduardo Vezetti – XRAY T4 2014
  8. Vinicius Rabello
  9. Aurelio Siu Hang – XRAY T4 2015
  10. Gustavo Zem – XRAY T4 2016