Tamiya portable pit backpack 2


Tamiya portable pit backpack 2

Tamiya have introduced the new portable pit backpack 2 to taking care of the Mini 4WD. This lightweight, tough polyester backpack is a great help at Mini 4WD race meets, and it can carry a portable pit along with other Mini 4WD essentials. The pocket on either side is made from mesh, and each is able to hold a 500ml drink bottle. In addition to the main zippered compartment of the backpack, the top is fitted with a handy pocket of its own, also zipper-fastened. Comfort is assured by the two adjustable bag side compression belts, plus a belt to go around the chest and ensure that the backpack remains stable. Metal zippers are equipped with Tamiya logo sliders, while the bag’s contents are cushioned by a pad at the bottom of the interior which can be folded out into a floor sheet for use at the Mini 4WD race venue. Available in black with a choice of red or blue trim, each bag proudly displays the Tamiya twin star logo.

  • Backpack Dimensions: approx. 32cm x 46cm x 14cm
  • Backpack Capacity: approx. 27 liters
  • Floor Sheet Dimensions: approx. 80cm x 90cm

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