Scorpion RR-3420 17.5T Brushless motor


Scorpion RR-3420 17.5T Brushless motor

Scorpion have introduced the new RR-3420 series Brushless DC car motor. These motors are designed to meet and comply with all standards set forth by ROAR for use in 1/10th and 1/12th scale electric powered RC racing cars. Scorpion motors are designed from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of racing enthusiasts, and are built with efficient, high-temperature components that allow them to produce the maximum power and speed that is possible.

• Patented Screw-type rotor surface to increase flux density and maximize cooling
• Built-in Cooling Fan on the rotor to increase airflow and decrease internal temperatures
• No plastic inserts are used to achieve maximum copper fill for the motor windings
• Rotor magnets are protected by a metal sleeve for maximum durability
• Built-in temperature sensors allow for on-track monitoring when used with Scorpion ESC
• 200% more cooling surface than other comparable motors for better heat dissipation
• The largest glued surface for the rotor, shaft and magnets of any motor in its class
• High grade Silicon Steel is used in the stator assembly for maximum flux density
• High purity copper wire is used for minimum internal resistance
• High temperature magnets are used to take the heat of competition
• Motor parts CNC machined from 7075 aerospace grade aluminum alloy


  • Stator Diameter 34mm(1.34 in)
  • Stator Thickness 20mm(0.79 in)
  • No.of Stator Arms 3
  • No.of Stator Poles 2
  • Motor Wind 17.5T
  • Motor Wire 1-Strand 2.46mm
  • Motor KV 2938KV RPM/Volt
  • No-Load Current(lo/7.8V) 2.1Amps
  • Motor Resistance(RM) 0.0293 Ohms
  • Weight 168.6Grams(5.96oz)
  • Outside Diameter 35.8mm(1.41 in)
  • Shaft Diameter 3.175mm(0.12 in)
  • Body Length 52.8mm(2.08 in)
  • Overall Shsft Length 66.8mm(2.63 in)
  • Rotor Magnet Diameter 12.5mm(0.49 in)
  • Max Lipo Cell 2s
  • Motor Timing Adjustable deg
  • Drive 8KHz