Qualifying Report: 1/5 Touring Car European Championships


Touring Car European Championships qualy

Race report by RC Racing TV:

The Lamberto Collari RC Raceway in Bologna played host to four rounds of qualifying for the Large Scale Touring Car Euros on Wednesday and Thursday. The short track is characterised by its kerbs, some tall and some that sit lower than the track service itself, meaning flips and spins are easy to come by.

The biggest surprise of the preliminary sessions came courtesy of Ales Bayer, who failed to make the cut for heat 11 in controlled practice. He later went on to struggle in qualifying itself, putting him on an unusual back foot for the race action on Friday and Saturday. When the Top Heat drivers made their way out for the first round on Wednesday evening, the sweltering heat of Italian summer made itself known, and would continue to the next day.

Despite numerous challengers including Bernard Alain Arnaldi of France and Markus Feldmann of Germany, it was local RC icon Lamberto Collari who took the top position in Round One by a small margin typical of the 1/5 TC class. However, the next morning, it was the Frenchman Arnaldi who prevailed over Feldmann by six tenths of a second, with Collari a further four seconds back in third, and in Round Three, Arnaldi was top of the tree once again. Collari followed three seconds further behind, while fellow Italian Dario Veseli finished third, pushing Markus Feldmann down to fourth.

While the German competitor was pushed outside the top three in the third round, his fortunes turned in Round Four, as he took the win by just 27 hundreths of a second from Dario Veseli, with Giovanni Verbrugghe of Belgium rounding out the top three. Meanwhile, Lamberto Collari and Bernard Alain Arnaldi came together twice in their qualifier, and both drivers failed to reach the end of the session. With Arnaldi taking two victories, he will line up in prime position in the semi finals on Saturday, and a packed bill of exciting heat races is expected on the Friday beforehand.