TOS report


TOS podium F1

Race report by Jan Ratheisky:

Last Weekend I attended the well-known TOS in Vienna – Austria. As usual I tried my best in all three classes 🙂


After my flight I went directly to the track, charged my batteries and got as much practice time as possible to find some good setup for my cars. I find some good pace for all three cars with mainly not much setup changes needed after the Euros last week.


We started practice but around lunch time rainstorm stopped the race day. So Scott and I made a small Workshop about set-up, tuning parts and a lot more.


Finally the race could start 🙂 it was a very stressful day in a positive way. I struggled a bit to find a good working mod setup because the traction changed a lot compare to previous days. I was able to set TQ and win in the Stock and F1 class.


  1. Jan Ratheisky Xray X1
  2. Andreas Stiebler Xray X1
  3. Matej Dobnikar Xray X1



  1. Jan Ratheisky Xray T4
  2. Toni Matteo Tamiya
  3. Nikolai Måheim VBC