Trofeo ATL Abrasivi report


Trofeo ATL Abrasivi podium

Race report by Jitse Miedema:

The first ever F1 Master – Trofeo ATL Abrasivi, Italy was held at the beautiful track of Rivoli Racing, near Verona. The weather was warm and perfect all weekend, and the competition was though between the local guns and he “outsiders”. Still the spirits where high and the atmosphere was great. As the name suggests it’s an F1 only race with a Pan-car group as a support class.


At the front the Quali’s where all about Paolo Bottignol who set a great performance by grabbing 2 TQ’s. Starting on 2nd it was the Dutch guy Jitse Miedema, who showed what he was made off in the middle of the Italian guns, driving his XRAY X1’16. 3rd was Simone Brocca who was very close to Jitse all the time.

  1. Paolo Bottignol
  2. Jitse Miedema – XRAY X1
  3. Simone Brocca
  4. Fabrizio Villa
  5. Armando Tanzini
  6. Stefano Luppi
  7. Manuele Zotti
  8. Luca Baronchelli
  9. Riccardo Fenili
  10. Sidney Blokker


1st final: Top 3 got away very well, and Jitse had a perfect start and was able to challenge Paolo, but with Simone on his tail. After a few laps Paolo caught a curb and had to let a lot of guys passed. At the same time Jitse and Simone collided in a race accident, meaning Simone was 1st and Jitse 2nd. During the heat Simone had the pace to drive away from Jitse and got 1st spot, Jitse was 2nd and Armando Tanzini got 3rd

2nd final: This Final was a bit hairy. The top 4 got away nicely, but in the starting laps Simone, Jitse and Armando made a mistake. That meant they were on the attack to get back to the front. Jitse made it back to 4th. But Simone and Armando where unlucky to break their cars at the end of the straight. Paolo had none of that and drove to victory, Manuele Zotti go 2nd, and Fabrizio Villa got 3rd.

3rd final: Paolo had a perfect start and instantly had a gap that he would expend during the heat. This meant he became the 1st ever winner of the F1 Master – Trofeo ATL Abrasivi, Italy. And well deserved. A bit more back it was Jitse who got 2nd in the last final and Simone got 3rd.

Final result:

  1. Paolo Bottignol
  2. Simone Brocca
  3. Jitse Miedema – XRAY X1
  4. Manuele Zotti
  5. Fabrizio Villa
  6. Riccardo Fenili
  7. Armando Tanzini
  8. Luca Baronchelli
  9. Stefano Luppi
  10. Sidney Blokker