Swiss Nats Rd4 report



Race report by Raphael Wicki:

The 4th round of the Swiss Championship was held in Langenthal. I had a great Start in the Qualis in wet conditions in the morning and took the 1st Place. In the second qualifying Round I had a problem with my tire (exploded on the straight). After all Qualis I saved the second place for the half-Final A. During this I had some problems with my motor and I did 5 stops to set-up the Motor, after this I saved the 3 Place for the Main Final A.

During the first 5 minutes we had a great race and fight between the places 1 through 4. After 15 minutes it was time to change the tires, there were some problems in the Pit and I dropped back to the 5th place, the car worked perfect and I pushed hard till the end to finally finish at the second place. It was a great weekend and a very interesting final.


  1. Maurice Lüscher XRAY NT1
  2. Raphael Wicki XRAY NT1
  3. Traugott Schär XRAY NT1
  4. Kevin Lehnherr XRAY NT1
  5. Dominik Mucnjak Shepherd V10 Pro
  6. Jakob Bühler XRAY NT1
  7. Marco Tanner Shepherd V10 Pro
  8. Theo Giannakos XRAY NT1
  9. Patrick Fankhauser XRAY NT1
  10. Roger Fasler XRAY NT1