Michal Abrahamek wins Laszlo Memory race


Laszlo Memory race_podium

Last weekend was held the Laszlo Memory race at the MOdellRennAutoClub track in Morac Graz, Austria.The race was attended by many racers (80 racers) from different countries, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia… and among them the 2 times Champion Michael Abrahamek was attended to the race in 1/10 nitro on-road class. It was beautiful sunny weekend with temperatures about 30-35°C.

Saturday begin the first part of the race. After good qualifications, Abrahamek will win the main final A. It was the first step to win the title, Sunday everything will be reset. Sunday, Abrahamek takes the TQ. Unfortunately in the semifinals a storm hit the track and the results had to be taken from qualifying and therefore Abrahamek takes its 3rd consecutive win, with summary of 3 starts and 3 wins in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Top 3 1/10 nitro:

  1. Michal Abrahamek Xray/O.S. engine
  2. Lehner Gergö  Shepherd
  3. Tamás SÁGI  Serpent