Uisp Italian National Outdoor report


Uisp Italian National Outdoor podium stock

Race report by Alessia Menicucci:

UISP Italian National Outdoor took place last week end in San Lazzaro di Savena at Ca’ de Mandorli track. Weather was not the best, making the eventful race between qualifications in dry and wet conditions.


13.5 Blinky:

In Stock Class many drivers were fast enough to fight to be TQ but it was Berselli to start from 1st position followed by Alessio Tolomelli and Davide Bertuzzi (XRAY). In the main Final was also Roberto Fabiano driving XRAY. Andrea Valerio and Nicola Fornasari were absolutely unlucky in qualifications and they drove the B Final. Davide Bertuzzi was fast and it allowed him to fight with the others for first positions but both some mistakes and some crashes don’t allowed him to be on the podium so he arrived 4th. Roberto Fabiano showed a clean drive and it paid off because he arrived 5th starting from 7th position on the grid.

  1. Gabriele Berselli
  2. Simone Alleotti
  3. Nico Catelani
  4. Davide Bertuzzi – XRAY T4 2016
  5. Roberto Fabiano – XRAY T4 2016
  6. Marco Puleo
  7. Enrico Tinaglia
  8. Alessio Tolomelli
  9. Luca Romagnoli
  10. Luca Baronchelli

Uisp Italian National Outdoor podium mod

Modified Class:

In Modified Class I was TQ in front of my team mate Mattia Collina and Michele Romagnoli. In Main Final we had many XRAY Drivers like: 4th Luca Torreggiani, 5th Fabrizio Manicardi, 9th Alessio Mota and 10th Stefano Bettazzoni. Finals confirmed qualifications ranking on top 6 positions while Mota was able to up one position getting the 8th place. Thanks to these results Team XRAY won also the Manufacturers Title in this class!

  1. Alessio Menicucci – XRAY T4 2016
  2. Mattia Collina – XRAY T4 2016
  3. Michele Romagnoli
  4. Luca Torreggiani – XRAY T4 2016
  5. Fabrizio Manicardi – XRAY T4 2016
  6. Daniel Baldissarri
  7. Lorenzo Bigi
  8. Alessio Mota – XRAY T4 2016
  9. Orlando Fenili
  10. Stefano Bettazzoni – XRAY T4 2016