Ethel & Jacobs win Dutch 200mm champs Rd3


Dutch 200mm champs Rd3 podium 1

Last weekend took place our 3rd round of the Dutch championship. at the fast track of of Rucphen the Baanbrekers host of the EC B 1/10 held in 2011 and EC 40+ in 2014. The weather conditions on the Saturday didn’t allow any driver to make a dry training run, so this day was used helping other drivers and make a few tests with prepared rain cars.

On the Sunday the weather was perfect but due through heavy rainfall before the grip has to be build up during the day. So without training and changing track would make the 3 qualification rounds not easy for every one to find the right set-up. The Dutch Nationals already for the third year run with the mandatory Novarossi Sturm engines and Hipex low noise pipes. Normally a competitive package but with the Handout tire from Enneti and the washed away grip there where no real really fast track times expected. This year all drivers run the same package as the Kyosho drivers switched to this engine combination and most of these guys to another car manufacturer. Really nice to see the progression in driving these guys make with the much faster car combination against the former Kyosho pull-start.

This year every driver will make 2 finals A ( National ) ore B ( Nomac ). By the Nationals it would be close and at the end Daan Jacobs (Serpent) took TQ just 1 sec in front of Pedro Rombouts (Xray), Julius Kolf (Serpent) at third and Roy Bakker (Sheperd) completed the top four. For the Nomac the order was Bas Bakker (Kyosho) at the top followed by Jos Remmerde (Kyosho) at third Arjan Versteeg (Kyosho) and Jurmin Etnel (Serpent) completed this four.

Dutch 200mm champs Rd3 podium

The end of the two Nomac finals were decided in the advantage of Jurmin Etnel (Serpent), Arjan Versteeg (Kyosho) second and third was Jos Remmerde (Kyosho). For the National Daan took the lead in both finals and never looked back, Pedro was unlucky by the first start due a weird start, by the count of four the mechanics released the cars followed immediately by the tone of the start and Pedro hit the mechanic from Daan. In second final Daan and Pedro started on a wire within a second until the ten minute mark and after that Pedro’s engine became too lean loosing valuable time and no chance for the podium.

The fourth round will be at the Real 80 track Groningen (23-24 July) two weeks for the worlds starting in Gubbio Italy.