Claus Ryeskov wins at Danish Nats Rd2


Danish Nats Rd2 podium

Danish nats round 2 was held at Næstved RC track on Zealand. The weather was with us. 20 degrees and only one small rain Saturday morning, otherwise sun all weekend. Saturday went with training and qualifications and Sunday finals. Martin N.O Hansen was fastest all weekend, about 0.2 sec better than Claus Ryeskov. The great battle would be between Martin and Claus. Rene, Tom and Bo Morten had their own battle. Martin N.O was sovereign and took TQ.

The finals went, and Martin took the start. Claus made a small mistake and again and was 10 sec. behind Martin, but still number 2. Just before the third refueling, Martin ran out of fuel, and then it was Claus in in front with 1 1/2 laps. Martin gave it all he could, to reach up to Claus, but after a while, Martin’s 2nd gear broke. Then Claus just have to drive it home and tog the first place.

Final positions:

  1. Claus Ryeskov Xray NT1
  2. Martin N.O Hansen
  3. Clean Kjellerup
  4. Tom Limkilde Xray NT1
  5. Bo Morten Larsen Xray NT1