Xcampus Challenge Rd2 report


Xcampus Challenge Rd2 podium

Race report by Bowie Ginting:

The Xcampus Challenge Round 2 was held in East RC Speedway, Jakarta last week. Supporting by Open Brushless Class, FWD Class and Non-Boost 13,5t Class. Race layout was technical with 12 secs average laptime for Open Brushless. I scored the TQ spot in Open Brushless class by 24 laps @ 5.01 with Arya Seta behind 11 secs back followed by Teddy Syach who missed the 24 laps by 3 seconds. Arya secured the TQ spot in FWD Class while Agustinus Sanjaya rounded for the TQ in Non Boost with his ERYX 4.0. Final result couldn’t changed much as me and Arya remained on 1-2 place in Open Brushless while Arya also converted his pole into triumph in FWD class.

Open Brushless Result:

  1. Bowie Ginting – Serpent ERYX 4.0 (TQ)
  2. Arya Seta – Serpent ERYX 4.0
  3. Iwan Tirtha

Non Boost 13,5t Result:

  1. Ronald Kasengkang
  2. Handoko Wijaksono
  3. Agustinus Sanjaya – Serpent ERYX 4.0 (TQ)

FWD Result:

  1. Arya Seta (Serpent S411 FF) (TQ)
  2. Reynaldi Kriswanto
  3. Riyan Permana (Serpent S411 FF)