Beijing BGP Opening report


Beijing BGP Opening podium

It was a pleasure that our team driver “Lu Yi Heng” has been invited to join this opening competition. The rule of this competition for 1/12 class was very special, HOBBWING 2s Electric Speed Controller, 13.5T motor, restricted using Jaco Tires.  It was very too late after Mr. Lu set up the Electric Speed Controller, the track closed at 9:00pm. Mr. Li just could do little training to get familiar with the track condition, his car ran two packs of batteries. After the first trial, his first feeling was that the car would roll over easily.

During the 2nd practice day, he tried to solve the grip problem by enlarging the distance of the front wheels, lowering the height of the car, using particularly soft tires. However, the problem still existed.  After that, he applied the super glue at the side of the rear tires.  It seems worked, the car could run on the track normally. And he was surprise that he made a good result in single lap same as the local driver in Beijing. He was still not satisfied with the setting of the chassis. Although the car did not roll over when cornering, the speed was not at the optimal level and under steering at corners.  As he did not bring the springs in black (medium), the performance of steering at every corner was not good enough.

During 28th May, 1 round for Control Practice, 1-of-3 preliminaries. He got 2nd place in 3 consecutive laps in the round for Control Practice, Mr. Li got the 2nd position, just behind the fastest local driver in Beijing.

At the 1st round of preliminary, the performance was not good, the car was rolled over twice in this round, so got 3rd place. During the 2nd round of preliminary,Mr. Li fought back and very closed to the 1st position, finally got 2nd place, left behind by around 0.3 seconds. Mr. Li changed a new set of tires for the 3rd round of preliminary.  Finally, 0.4 seconds advantage, he got the TQ. The competition was very keen, and the environment made him so nervous. So lucky, his performance was good generally, would start the Final with TQ. He did some testing after the end of the competition on the first day. Tried to run the car with larger rear tires, and also applied super glue on rear tires. Provided with the limit of gear ratio, the only way was to increase the size of rear tires.  After testing, the time of single lap was improved, faster than approx. 0.1-0.2 seconds.

The final started on 29th May. The car did not run well at the 1st round in Final.  At the beginning, the 2nd place chased Mr. Li’s car closely and transcend Mr. Li.  Unluckily, and crashed by three cars at the corner. Mr. Li’s ranking dropped to the last.  At the advantage of the single lap, Mr. Li got the fastest time. During the 2nd round in final, the car also did not start very well, not smooth.  There was a mess at the beginning. Mr. Li tried his best to chase the 1st position.  But did not perform well because he did not have time to change the new tires.  The size of tires became smaller after finished 1st round.  No matter what he done, he still could not widen the distance from the 2nd place. Suddenly, the 2nd place was crashed with Mr. Li and then transcend him. Finally, Mr. Li got the 2nd place in the 2nd round of Final. In the 3rd round of Final, he used a new set of tires and kept distance from the group of cars quickly.  Unexpectedly, Mr. Li’s car was crashed with the car ranked at the last. His car was rolled over and the 1st place was lost.  Part of the body was damaged.  At the rest of time, Mr. Li’s car only followed the 1st place and could not get better result. Under several unexpected accidents, Mr. Li got 2nd place in the Final.

Generally, the performance was optimal.  Although he did not make the fastest time in a single lap, the average speed was stable. The time difference between his first lap and the last lap was just approx. 0.2 seconds.  Concerning the rest of drivers, the time of their last lap was down around 0.5 seconds or above. He was not satisfied with the setting of the car for Beijing CRC black carpet.  He was very happy to share experience with other 1/12 drivers and tried to run their car with Black Springs installed. It inspired him that will do better next time with these springs.

Final results

Chen Yanfu – XRAY
Lu YiHeng – XRAY
Liu Yunan – Kyosho