GM Cup in China report


GM Cup podium

Our team driver Gavin Kwok and Gary Huang joined the 1/10 Modified Class and it was very exciting that they got the TQ, A1 and A2. Many thanks to Mr. Chen and Mr. Liao about their hospitality and support. And also thanks for our sponsors, such as World Model, XRAY,Hobbywing, 3-circles battery, Lee Speed, X-cleaner. This was the first time we participated the outdoor asphalt track with XRAY T4 car kit, and also our first time to run electric touring car at Xiamen 3-Circles Battery ARC track. The major part of this track is a 70 meters straight road, as well as high-speed continuous head straight road curved, the overall layout is a high-speed mixed track.

We arrived there on Friday afternoon. The first essential task was to well prepare the tires set. GM R36 tire set was limited in this game, every driver needed to glue the tires by himself. For us, it could reduce the chance of tires unglued.

For the first pack of battery, we took the neutral setting. After 5 mins, we felt the car did not run smoothly, the abrasion of the front tires was very serious. After discussion, the FF arm was set down by 0.5 degree, instead of 1 degree. FR arm remained set down by 0.5 degree, the top deck was put higher by 1mm, locked the gear box by 8 pcs of screws in total, all the springs kept unchanged 2.7. The performance of the car was improved especially in the corners, ran smoothly. We were quite satisfied with the setting of our car after two tests with 2 packs of battery. We started to enhance our power with the third pack of battery. The gear ratio 7.7 decreased to 7.4 (114/29), boots from 0 increased to 5, turning timing enhanced too. But the turn of the motor was still 12.3. The end of the straight road U-turn bend. We then turn off the turbo, and switched to instand to improve the traction when the car ran on the straight road. Increasing the boots and lowering gear ratio, they felt that the car became more supple and the speed on the straight road has improved significantly. The temperature of the ESC motor was under control. The full set of equipment indeed has a big challenge when the ground temperature reached 60 degree.

They arrived the track at 9:00am on Saturday. The first priority was to testing the additive and adapting the various gripping on different section of the track. After tested a lot of brands of additive, we took Spiderman Red and FX2 additive. They also tested the SMJ springs, felt similar to XRAY 2.7 springs. In order to move more smoothly, suspension steering was installed. 3 preliminaries were held on Sunday.  The new set of tires was used at the 1st round of preliminary, in which the temperature of the ground is the lowest. TQ was achieved.

The 1st round of Final was started almost 1:00pm, the temperature of the ground was over 60 degree.  Although both of us applied a new set of tires, the gripping was not good.  The time of single lap we done around 13.8, in the comparison with the preliminaries 13.2, the difference was appox. 0.6s.

At the start, the 3 position of Faiho transcend from two cars at inside. But his car was turned down when it was cut by other drivers. The ranking of his car dropped sharply. Gavin and Gary took the lead out, but the game halfway through, when the broadcast of the organizer, the 2nd place Gary was very unlucky that his ranking dropped to 4th place because of missing one lap time unexpectedly. And in last one minute, when Gavin’s car was crashed by other cars twice, his ranking was dropped and just behind Gary. Although Gavin won in this round, but in the opinion of Gavin, the real winner should be Gary.

During the 2nd round of preliminary, have a little delay at the start because did not realized the change of the voice started issuing the order. The 1st position was kept by Faiho, Gavin kept running at 3rd place.  As Gary gave more power when the car was leaving from the corner, his car spanned out. Gavin’s car moved up to 2nd place and very close to Faiho. Indeed, Gavin was a a little bit impatient and put hard effort to fight against Faiho, then moved up to 1st place finally. But it was so pity that the distance between Faibo could not be widen furthermore. At least, it was very glad that Gary could moved up to 2nd position after the rival attack with Faiho. Gavin got the 1st position, Gary 2nd place and Faiho 3rd place.

The gripping was the best at the 3rd round of Final as the temperature has been dropped. Gary and Faiho were kept at fist two positions at the beginning. It was very exciting that Gary made a best time 12.9, the fastest single lap time. And won this game finally.

 Top 3:

Gavin Kwok — XRAY  T4’2016
Gary Huang — XRAY T4’2016
Faiho — Yokomo