Team Corally Ultra aluminum tray



Team Corally have introduced the new Ultra tray. This Ultra tray is fully packed with many features and it is probably one of the smartest parts tray in the RC industry with many useful features for the serious RC driver. The TC parts tray is machined from a solid block of 10mm thick aluminium and hard anodised in red or titanium color for that matching racing look.


4 parts cavities
4 Shock absorber holder for ø3.5mm shaft shocks
4 Shock absorber holder for ø3.0mm shaft shocks
Soldering jigs for T-Plug, TC Pro and XT-60 connectors
Soldering jig for Bullit connectors 3.5mm up 7mm
Screw length measuring jig
Shock rebound measuring cavity

TC-Ultra-Tray-02TC-Ultra-Tray-03TC-Ultra-Tray-07 TC-Ultra-Tray-05TC-Ultra-Tray-06 TC-Ultra-Tray-04