Hall & Campfield win at Schumacher BTCC series Rd3


BTCC series Rd3 13.5 podium

This past weekend saw us attending the fantastic Bedworth circuit in the Midlands for the 3rd round of the BTCC series. On the run up to the event the weather forecast wasnít looking to brilliant, and from what we heard put a few drivers off attending unfortunately. However for the hard core racers that did attend it was set to be a great event as always.

The Saturday saw many drivers getting their cars up to speed and doing lots of set up preparation. The day started off overcast with light rain but brightened up just after lunch. This gave people the opportunity to prepare and test both their dry cars and also their wet cars.

Sunday morning arrived and we were greeted by dry weather along with a slight breeze across the track. However the track was still a little moist from the overnight rain.
As practice got underway the track was drying out well and the lap times were coming down. Bedworthís race director and club chairman Bob Burr along with Schumacherís Mark Musgrove gave the drivers briefing and explained the format for the day. As usual due to the unsettled weather the race format was round by round qualifying, with the best 2 from 4 rounds to count. Just as the drivers briefing was ending the rain began to fall, it got heavier and then turned back to just light rain but stayed with us pretty much all day. Things were going to be interesting for sure.

In the 13.5 class it was Schumacherís James Hart who dominated all day, taking 3 out of the 4 rounds of qualifying. This therefore meant he was on Pole position for the A final. Behind James, it was Dale Burr who would line up second and Chris Gunter taking third on the grid.

In the 17.5 class it was a brilliant last 2 rounds of qualifying for young Bradley Coaker, taking first place overall in both rounds, this enabling him to line up on Pole position for the A final. Behind him it was very close but Nigel Shaw would line up second and Jack Campfield third.

In modified there was just one entry, meaning Ben Gayson would take the win from this round, he still had a great day and ran in with the 13.5 cars and enjoyed himself. So after some interesting weather and results in qualifying, it was onto the finals. The rain had now stopped and the track was beginning to slowly dry.

The A final results were as follows:

13.5 Boosted

  1. David Hall
  2. Chris Gunter
  3. James Hart
  4. Liam Brooks
  5. Andrew Robson
  6. Jordan Norwood
  7. Ashley Coupland
  8. Dale Burr
  9. David Hough
  10. Michael Bolt

BTCC series Rd3 17.5 podium

17.5 Blinky

  1. Jack Campfield
  2. Michael Ball
  3. Danny Ball
  4. Bradley Coaker
  5. Paul Hill
  6. Joe Cheung
  7. Mathew Willcocks
  8. Adrian Sully
  9. Nigel Shaw
  10. Jay Westwood

BTCC series Rd3 modified


  1. Ben Gayson


The next round will see us at the very fast Halifax race track on Sunday July 3rd. Entries still available, so come and get booked in: www.centralbooking.org