Serpent Cobra SRX8 aluminum chassis braces & TiN shock shafts


Serpent SRX8 aluminum chassis braces4

Serpent have introduced new aluminum chassis braces and TiN shock shafts for the Cobra SRX8. The aluminum chassis braces will replace the standard moulded chassis braces. They are manufactured from aluminum more stiffer, and thus allow less chassis flex. Depending on track conditions and type of jumps you can choose to run both in aluminum, or just the front or rear, or in case of less grip run the moulded ones.

Next comes the TiN shock shafts. They are precision machined and threaded  gold colored TiN coated for even smoother shock action and longer wear. Available as pairs for the front and for the rear, with shims and nuts.

Serpent SRX8 aluminum chassis braces3 Serpent SRX8 aluminum chassis braces2 Serpent SRX8 aluminum chassis braces1Serpent SRX8 TiN shock shafts3 Serpent SRX8 TiN shock shafts2 Serpent SRX8 TiN shock shafts1