Mugen MBX8 on the way ?



NeoBuggy reports:

Speculation has it that 1/8 offorad powerhouse Mugen Seiki may be readying an update to their top of the line product, the MBX7 has been around for some time already, announced back in 2012, four years later the platform has seen updates and developments however is it getting a bit long in the tooth ?

The current MBX7R has been around for approaching two years, which would suggest that it is coming towards the end of it’s natural product life cycle, and we hear a few retailers have low quantities floating around…

Here at NeoBuggy we wonder if designer Koji Sanada might not have something up his shirt sleeves for Vegas in October…

Mugen have been on a bit of a dry run of recent times of true ‘major or grand slam’ events, Robert Batlle continues to deliver the goods when asked whilst hopes are optimistic for youngster Davide Ongaro & the Baldo brothers this summer with the Euros on their home track.