Collymore & Conley win Midwest Series Rd1


10th nitro

The first of 6 races for the Midwest Series kicked off in Toledo Ohio. Home of the One Eighth Racers of Toledo track is also host of The Great Lake Challenge. Drivers in attendance was Drew Ellis, Jason Conley, Tom Esposito, Dan Lewis, Diatta Collymore, Drew Quesenberry, Richie Torres, Dorian Tisdale and Brad Mergy. Track was setup for a little practice on Friday. Saturday saw a little rain in the morning. The track crew did a great job with getting the track ready to go. With extended practice the race would cut out a qualifier.


After qualifying:

200mm Sedan:

  1. Diatta Collymore XRAY
  2. Lon Burling SHEPERD
  3. Richie Torres XRAY
  4. Drew Quesenberry XRAY
  5. Ted Hammer SHEPERD
  6. Elliot Hart
  7. Chay Blount SERPENT
  8. Tom Esposito XRAY
  9. Jon Strausbaugh SERPENT
  10. Dorian Tisdale XRAY

1/8 Open:

  1. Ted Hammer SHEPERD
  2. Jason Conley XRAY
  3. Drew Ellis XRAY
  5. Mike McBride SERPENT
  6. Junior XRAY
  7. Rick Davis SERPENT
  8. David Lee XRAY
  9. Don Jones SERPENT
  10. Dan Louis XRAY

All mains were 30 min. After the mains this is how it ended.

200mm Sedan:

  1. Diatta Collymore (TQ) XRAY
  2. Ted Hammer SHEPERD
  3. Tom Esposito XRAY

8th nitro

1/8 Open:

  1. Jason Conley XRAY
  2. Rick Davis SERPENT
  3. Drew Ellis XRAY

10th electric

1/10 Electric:

  1. Andrew Hardman YOKOMO
  2. Tom Esposito (TQ) XRAY
  3. Ted Hammer XRAY