Brilliant RC TCX bodyshell for 200mm nitro touring cars



Brilliant RC is proud to announce the brand new TCX bodyshell for 200mm nitro touring cars developed together with top drivers like Dirk Wischnewski. Manufactured in Germany, the TCX comes in finest german polycarbonate quality with well distributed material thickness for best durability and performance. The shape ensures a very good overall traction in combination with a lot of steering what results in a super smooth but fast handling of your 1/10 nitro touring car. One of the nicest feautures is that the TCX bodyshell will be also available as a “Cut-out Version” for the Shepherd Velox V10, Xray NT1, Serpent Natrix and Mugen MTX6 with the wheelhouses, bodyposts, windows and the tank hole being already cut. Coming with “easy-fix” lightweight wing screws and nuts, window masking sheets and decals the EFRA homologated (2056) body, which is also legal for the Pro Stock Series, is available by end of next week. The “easy-fix” wing mount set is also available seperately. Including two screws and two nuts which fit perfectly into the wing mounts of the most common bodies on the market, you can fix your wing very fast and easy using a slotted screwdriver. With a weight of only 1 gramm for all four parts it is a very lightweight solution. The huge contact area of the flat buttonhead screws and nuts prevent the spoiler from tearing of in case of a crash.

BR2101_side_1000 BR2101_front_1000BR2001_top_1000 BR2001_cut_1000BR2001_bottom_1000 BR2001_1000