Kevin Smith wins 17.5 TC Reedy Race


17.5 TC Reedy Race1

Tamiya Raceway hosts the Reedy Race of Champions for a 9th time in 2016 at Aliso Viejo, California. Arriving at the facility Thursday everyone was in a rush to get their pits setup and get prepared for the first of 4 scheduled practice rounds by heat race. In 17.5 it was Kevin Smith who set the pace early and often.

17.5 TC Reedy Race2

In 13.5 it was Keith Yu, Eric Anderson and the UK’s Jimmy Maddison who set the early pace along with local Cristian Lopez. With track temps and the sun constantly changing throughout the week it made changes to the setup critical. Those who guessed right were rewarded while those who went the wrong way would lose valuable time on the track.

After 4 rounds of qualifying Kevin Smith was able to TQ 17.5 and secure his XRAY T4 would be starting on the P1 spot. After a small mistake at the start he would finish the 1st main in 2nd. For A2 and A3 there would be no doubt. Kevin made no mistakes and took convincing wins in A2 and A3 to secure the overall victory.

17.5 TC Reedy Race3

In 13.5 the first round went to Keith Yu. The 2nd and 3rd went to local Cristian Lopez. The 4th round of qualifying would end up being super fast and Keith Yu was able to TQ the round and get the extra lap to ensure his XRAY t4’16 would start in P1 for the triple A mains. Cristian Lopez would take 2nd followed by Jimmy Maddison.

17.5 TC Reedy Race4

The triple a main events were rather eventful with Cristian Lopez taking A1, Keith Yu in A2 and Cristian again in A3 to lock up the win. Keith Yu would be 2nd in his XRAY with Eric Anderson rounding out the podium with his XRAY.

17.5 TC

  1. Kevin Smith TQ – XRAY T4


  1. Cristian Lopez
  2. Keith Yu. (TQ ) – XRAY T4
  3. Eric Anderson – XRAY T4