Dirk Wischnewski takes Central German Champs Rd2


Central German Champs Rd2 podium

Last weekend the Central German Championship Rd 2 was held at the MSC Kirchhain track. After three rounds of qualifying it was Dirk Wischnewski who took the TQ in the 1/10th scale class with Patrick Schäfer lining up second only 0,2sec behind. The good qualifying result for Shepherd was rounded out by Mirco Thalheimer also making it directly to the main final in 3rd position.

The main final was a clear affair for Wischnewski. After a few laps Schäfer’s car was hit in the back by another competetitor and the body got stuck meaning a short stop near the pitlane was necessary. Later on his engine stalled one time meaning any chance to fight for the lead was gone. Unimpressed Wischnewski cruised around the track and crossed the finishing line in first position with a massive gap of 7 laps in front of Michael Hauser. Patrick Schäfer recovered to 3rd position another lap down posting the fastest laptime of the final.