Markus Hellquist doubles at Nordic Champs & Warm Up Efra EC-A 1/8


Markus Hellquist Nordic Champs

The Nordic Championship for nitro on-road was held this weekend at the track of Eskilstuna in Sweden. The race also doubled as the warm up for the Efra EC 1:8 Track coming up later in July. The race saw competitors from 6 different countries, and unfortunately for the visitors, the race would end in wet circumstances during the Sunday finals.

In the 1/8th main final the battle for the win would stand between 3 drivers. Mikael Fransson who was the fastest in qualifying, Roland Ström and Markus Hellquist. The tricky conditions laid the ground for a very exciting race, switching leader at several points, but in the end Markus Hellquist was the one to finish first and take home the victory. Mikael Fransson finished in second and since Roland Ström wasn’t able to finish the race, Italian driver of Marco Vanni rounded up the podium with the 3rd position.

  1. Markus Hellquist SWE Xray RX8
  2. Mikael Fransson SWE
  3. Marco Vanni ITA
  4. Magnus Bengtsson SWE
  5. Jon Pedersen DNK
  6. Roland Ström SWE
  7. Mattias Ericsson SWE
  8. Lasse Andresen NOR
  9. Alain Levy FRA
  10. Per-Ola Hård SWE

Nordic Champs track

The 1/10th main final was struck by very heavy rain, and after the start almost all cars struggled to complete a single lap. The conditions were considered being too bad and the final was stopped. The final result was decided to be based on the qualification result. That meant that Markus Hellquist, who dominated the qualification was awarded with the win. In second place came Andreas Husman and Nikolaj Hviid was third.

  1. Markus Hellquist SWE Xray NT1
  2. Andreas Husman SWE
  3. Nikolaj Hviid SWE
  4. Hans Elmerfors SWE
  5. Åke Törnros SWE Xray NT1
  6. Castro Jose SWE
  7. Rene Kjellerup DNK
  8. Ronnie Pettersson SWE