Yokomo BD7-2016 aluminum battery guide & steering limiter screw


Yokomo BD7-2016 aluminum battery guide-steering limiter screw

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Yokomo released new optional parts for the BD7-2016 1/10 electric Touring Car: aluminum battery guide and steering limiter screw. The aluminum battery stops offer a highly secured battery and better balance ratio with the trend of today’s lower capacity battery packs in EP Touring Car. The steering limiters, which screw into the top of the Ackerman arm and limit the steering travel. They are available as pairs and are available in 8.0mm, 8.5mm and 9.0mm diameter allowing to make fine adjustments.. The team Yokomo have had success with lately at the recent ETS rounds where it’s critical to ensure you don’t have too much steering and in effect scrub speed. Both products will be available in local hobby shops from 30th of May.