Swiss Racing Cup (SRC) Rd1 report


Swiss Racing Cup Rd1 podium

Race report by Michael Schäfer:

The race took place in Lostallo, canton of Tessin in Switzerland. The NT1 was very calm to drive on the track and it was easy to control the car so I could drive very fast . I made the best round and won the qualification. Patrick Fankhauser, also an NT1 driver, finished the qualification on the 2nd place.

In the semifinal Patrick crashed with his NT1 into the box and it was impossible for him to finish the race.

The final was very difficult to drive because after 8 minutes came the rain and after one or two minutes it stopped raining. 5 minutes before the end of the race the track was dry again. Despite this weather conditions I won the SRC race R1.

Final results:

  1. Michael Schäfer – XRAY NT1
  2. Stefan Wüthrich – XRAY NT1
  3. Philipp Bühler – XRAY NT1
  4. Adrian Roschi – XRAY NT1
  5. Bruno Leu – XRAY NT1
  6. Marco Schwab
  7. Christian Lehnherr – XRAY NT1
  8. Manfred Ebener
  9. Adrian Koller
  10. Luca Moscioni