Roche Rapide release the P12’2016 1/12 pan car kit


Roche Rapide P12 2016

Roche continue to develop their “Rapide” and they just unveiled the Rapide P12’2016 1/12 pan car kit. The Rapide P12’2016 evolves with the following updates:

  • New 2.5mm high grade USA graphite materials main chassis
  • New floating servo chassis design with fully adjustable servo position
  • New motor lower and upper pod plate for new weight balancing
  • New chassis brace and 7075 aluminum rear chassis brace mount
  • New aluminum front lower arm tube with countersunk
  • New design o-ring type battery holder
  • New design battery plate position selectable
  • New design center damper position adjustable
  • New center damper shock cap
  • New urethane foam bumper
  • New aluminum 4.3mm reinforced ballstuds

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