Daan Jacobs
 wins at Dutch Nats Rd1


podium Dutch Nats Rd1

The first round of the Dutch Nitro 1/10 Nationals was held at the MACH Heemstede track. With positive feedback from last year, there’s still a spec engine and spec tyres at all Nationals. Also a new race format was introduced, being somewhat ‘electro style’ ABC finals with two separate 20 minute finals.

During Sunday rain made qualification kind of a lottery, as after different semi wet conditions only the results marked ‘wet’ would count towards the final scorecard. It was Daan Jacobs who would take the TQ spot. Pedro (4th), Bert (5th), Gaston (7th) and Marcell (10th) made it 4 Xray NT1’s into the A final.

The first final was held under dry conditions. Pedro was able to prove his strong Saturday practice again, quickly being in second place and after some 5 minutes taking the lead from Daan. After the first pit stops some trouble put Pedro back around Julius. Then Pedro and Julius had a good battle, as in the end Julius would collect second place. Ten minutes before the second final a rain shower hit the track again. Daan, Pedro, Milan and Julius showed a decent pace on the wet track, but absolutely fastest was local Roy Bakker. Starting from eighth place on the grid, he would quickly get into the lead. Unfortunately, Roy had to retire some five minutes into the race due to problems with his receiver. As everyone was doing some casual spinning and drifting, Julius kept his car in a straight line winning this final.  At the end of the day Daan had the best total result. In second place Julius missed out on just 0,9 seconds to win the race. Pedro would collect the last podium spot.


  1. Daan Jacobs
  2. Julius Kolff
  3. Pedro Rombouts – Xray NT1
  4. Milan Holthuis
  5. Gaston van Kleef – Xray NT1
  6. Roy Bakker
  7. Marcel van Buël – Xray NT1
  8. Dave de Ruiter
  9. John Weytboer
  10. Bert de Kruijf – Xray NT1