REDS M7 WCS V3.0 .21 on-road engine



REDS have released their latest 3.5 cc 1/8 on-road engine, the M7WCS V3.0. The V3.0 is our best performance and highest quality on-road engine.
The all-new WCS, specifically designed to guarantee the best reliability and performance, features:

  • new crankshaft
  • new cooling system
  • new crankcase
  • new backplate
  • new GEN2 Venturi
  • new low speed needle
  • made in Japan 7x19x6mm front bearing
  • made in Japan glow plug

New crankshaft: Horsepower

The new Tuned crankshaft features an improved aerodynamic design to increase horsepower and inertia to rotation. Crankshaft durability has been improved thanks to our special carbon steel and high technology coatings. It is also balanced with two high-density counterweights and our special silicone filling reduces the inertia to rotation.

Lightweight and low gravity center: High efficiency

We designed the new REDS Factory Tuned line to be not only more powerful and reliable but lighter and with lower gravity center than ever before. To do that, we couldn’t just shave a millimeter here, a gram there. So we started from scratch, redesigning each essential part like crankcase, cooling head, combustion chamber and Black Diamond coated backplate.

New Gen2 venturi: Improved performance

The new GEN2 Venturi features a higher torque maintaining mid and top range power fuel consumption unchanged. The innovative design improves carburetor fluid dynamics for a even better tuning stability. The GEN2 venturi is available in 8.0, 8.5 and 9.0 mm diameters (8.0 and 8.5 venturi only as optional parts).


Black diamond coated backplate: Plasma assisted Technology

The Diamond backplate is refined with a special anti-friction hard coating RDC. This coating allows decreased conrod-backplate friction improving engine efficiency and performance.

High quality bearings: High reliability

The new made in Japan 7x19x6mm front bearing is especially designed for high RPM. The new bearing features high precision, better sealing compared to metal shielded bearings, low friction, high reliability and fits all on road engine brands.

Top efficiency glow plug: High Reliability

M7WCS V3.0 comes now with TS7 made in Japan glow plug. This plug quarantees easier tuning and high reliability starting from the break in process.

Only original parts: Extreme Durability

It’s advisable to combine the M7 WCS 3.0 only with original REDS exhaust system, 2113 pipe and L manifold and with original spare parts.