Rafael Alves wins Brasilian On-Road Champs Rd3


podium Brasilian On-Road Champs Rd3

The 3rd round of the Brasilian On-Road Championship took place in the city of Brasilia. After qualification it was Thiago Inacio (Shepherd) taking the pole-position for the final. The main final saw some close racing between the top drivers Bernardo Kokemper, Thiago Elias, Rogério Massa and Thiago Inacio, all of them with a Velox V10 “PRO”. A few minutes into the race Thiago Inacio had to enter the pits because of technical issues which cost him a lot of time. The other three racers continued to fight for the lead with Rafael Alves in first position followed closely by Bernardo Kokemper and Regério Massa. This was also the order in which the trio saw the checkered flag making it a 100% Shepherd podium.