TORC Rd1 report


xraytorc7_stock110 ep

Race report by Mustafa Alp:

The first round of the TORC was held in Bumod Bursa on 23-24th of April. Weather sometimes tricked us whether it is going to rain or not, mostly cloudy and cool. Participation was one of the highest of last few years, about 70 individual participants over 4 classes, 1-8 GP, 1-10 GP, 1-10 Electric Stock, and Modified. I decided to race also Stock category with 1-10GP. With tight schedule over 2 days, I knew it would be a super busy weekend. Racing, marshalling, preparing the cars for the next run, I had very few spare time at the track.


My T4 was superb right from the first battery. My starting setup was spot on, and only change I made was reducing rear toe in from 2 to 1 degree, and cutting the rear wing of bodyshell, to mainly have more topspeed and more high speed steering. Car was amazing to drive.

I took first 3 qualifiers and opted to sit out Q4 to have a lunch 🙂 In Q5, I forgot to charge my battery, and it was Ahmet Kasap who took Q4 and Q5, with his Q5 time 0.1 second faster than my fastest TQ, I lost the number 1 starting position to him. I was not so disappointed as I knew my car was perfect and I could have some exciting duel with Cyprus boys, together with Umut.
In final 1, I put new tires on the car, but I was too late to prepare the tires, so without additive or heater, brand new tires and I could not do 1 single lap before the grid placement. Result was complete disaster as I drifted with the start of the race, loosing lots of positions in first 2 corners. Then I again had a spin and went to grass. After 2 minutes or so, tires came in and I was comfortable driving the car, but top 5 was too far away and I finished in 6th position.

2nd final, my tires were now perfect and had a good start. In first lap, I tried to make a pass to Ahmet from a very rarely used inside line, we were side to side than I spun out because of dust, lost a position to Umut Jr. Later in the race, It was still Ahmet, Umut and me, until they had a contact and I gained the lead and never looked back.

3rd final was the most exciting one. We had a clean start and I was again pressuring Ahmet, and he half spinned a corner, I had no choice but to crash him, but he had the luck as I was the one who spinned and he was the one being able to continue. I was dropped to 4th and Umut had the lead. Then I made a pass to take 3rd place, and we were super close with Ahmet and Umut. Then in the hairpin I passed Ahmet from outside with a great maneuver, and 2 corners later passed Umut when he missed the braking at the end of the straight. Then I opened some gap and took the victory. Umut and Ahmet continued to have some fight, and overall results were as follows:

  1. Mustafa Alp- Xray T4
  2. Umut Öztümen- Xray T4
  3. Ahmet Kasap- Xray T4
  4. Onur Karaçuhalılar- Xray T4
  5. Ali Çağlar- Xray T4
  6. Yiğit Gündoğdu- Xray T4
  7. Murat Çağış- Xray T4
  8. Kağan Aydın
  9. Sefer Kürşad Alalma- Xray T4
  10. Kayhan Ketenci- Xray T4

Nitro Touring:

Before coming to the race I prepared 2 cars with different setups to test. Track conditions were not perfect on friday, and I could not judge which car was better. On saturday, I tested a lot of things about shocks, diffs, springs, shock positions, ackermann, bodies, and flex. In the end I was not so much satisfied because I always felt my car was lacking overall grip, compared to competitors. Nevertheless, I TQ ed all 5 qualifiers with at least 1 lap gap to 2nd place over 10 minutes. This showed that finals would be without too much pressure.

In final I had slight understeer, which was the case for all drivers, but this made the car easy to drive and I was able to drive a 45 minute race without any mistake, had a faultless tire stop, and cruised the most of the race with 5 lap lead. It started to rain 8 minutes to go, every car started sliding across the track with some funny action. About 4 laps of everyone got up to 35-40 second range instead of 20s. Then it stopped raining and track got instantly faster again. This rainy conditions were mastered by Halit Korpe, as he moved up to 2nd position, which he had lost to Alain in the mid race because of tire change. Alain opted not to change tires, which also worked well for him, as he finished in 3rd position.

Final Result:

  1. Mustafa Alp-Xray NT1
  2. Halit Körpe-Xray NT1
  3. Alain Sarafyan-Xray NT1
  4. Cengiz Gökbulut-Xray NT1
  5. Mert Ekinci
  6. Haluk Soyyörük-Xray NT1
  7. Onur Vardar-Xray NT1
  8. Ali Kaya
  9. Murat Yazıcı-Xray NT1
  10. Kerem Düzgit

xraytorc8_mod110 ep

Also Xray drivers showed great performance at 1/10 EP Modified category.

  1. Erol Ucar XRAY T4
  2. Kayhan Ketenci XRAY T4
  3. Fatih Kaya- XRAY T4
  4. Deyvi Levitas- Xray T4
  5. Cem Nizam Oğulları -Xray T4
  6. Kaya Kin- Serpent
  7. Sertaç Yalım-Xray T4 2015
  8. Mehmet Nazar-Serpent
  9. Sefer Kürşad Alalma-XRAY T4 2014