Mike Gosvig crowned Danish Champion


Danish Champion3

Race report by Mike Gosvig:

Last national was held in Viborg RC racing, a big indoor hall with a roll out carpet. The layout was super high speed! I came at 18-19.00 o’clock after the first nationals of buggy, the tracks was only 20 minutes apart so it was no problem at all but I only had like 3 hours practice.

I started to practice, and felt both carbon and alloy car was good, but end of the straight the alloy car was much better than the carbon as it stayed flat all corner. I tested few things, 2.7 springs in front for example because of all the high speed corners, this was very good option for the car and super easy and fast steering.

At race day, I started to scrub a new set of tires in, they were not as fast as old ones from the beginning, but after 2 batteries they got better and better, I TQed all rounds of qualys, even the first one where I had a crash. In the last qualy the car was super-fast and the tires finally came in shape, I did best lap time of 9.9 and also was the only driver on 30 laps! Patrick Danielsen also ran the same setup, made many small mistakes but was still very fast! Frederik Broløs would take all the 2nd Places in the qualys, with Soren Boy as 3rd fastest!

Standings after qualys:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY T4 – TQ
  2. Frederik Broløs – Yokomo
  3. Soren Boy Holst – VBC racing
  4. Gustav Pind – Yokomo
  5. Daniel Bjerg – Gizmo
  6. Patrick Danielsen – XRAY T4
  7. Stefan Finnich – Schumacher
  8. Sørern Slot – VBC racing
  9. Mads Konge – XRAY T4

The finals was easy for me, every final I just pulled away from Frederik and the rest of the field, and the rest of the drivers had a lot of mistakes and crashes, also in 2 final, we had a Marshall who fell when he should turn a car around, so the track was a Little bit bigger in that corner 😛

I won all finals, and Gustav Pind made a good move when a lot of crashes happened in the 2second main, he drove without mistakes to take 2nd in that main, also Patrick Danielsen to take 3rd! Very good by the youngster.

Danish Champion2

Overall standings on the last race:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY T4 – TQ
  2. Frederik Broløs – Yokomo
  3. Gustav Pind – Yokomo
  4. Patrick Danielsen – XRAY T4
  5. Søren Boy Holst – VBC Racing
  6. Stefan Finnich – Schumacher
  7. Daniel Bjerg – Gizmo
  8. Sørern Slot – VBC racing
  9. Mads Konge – XRAY T4

TOP 3 standings in the national championship:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY T4
  2. Frederik Broløs – Yokomo
  3. Patrick Danielsen – XRAY T4

Thanks for the team for a good season and some good hours at the race track! See you soon outdoor! Thanks to all my sponsors and supporters!

Danish Champion4

The formula 1 class was dominated by Christian Lehm all day! His X1 looked awesome and he drove super smooth all day to take the TQ + win and also the overall national championship!

TOP 3 standings in the national championship:

  1. Christian Lehm – XRAY X1
  2. Michael Præst – Gizmo
  3. Johhni Lyng – XRAY X1