Czech National Championship On-road 2016 report



The Czech National indoor championship for on-road classes is in the book. The event took place in Prague 16th April on ETS carpet.

TC Modified

The most prestigious class of Modified touring cars promised interesting battle especially between team drivers from XRAY, Serpent and VBC. It was last year champion Kuba Simurda (XRAY) who took the TQ ahead of Jiri Vysin (XRAY) followed by Petr Grof (VBC) and Michal Blahovsky (Serpent) in very close qualification battle. The track was very quick and sometimes no matter which class is running, we saw hard crashes especially when overlapping slower drivers. In finals it was Simurda and Vysin who overtook theirself very often, so all three finals were really exciting. However Jiri Vysin won the first and again second final and became a new Czech champion for modified class in front of Kuba Simurda, who was not so strong as usual.

Final TC Modified:

  1. Vysin – XRAY
  2. Simurda – XRAY (&TQ)
  3. Grof – VBC
  4. Voda – XRAY
  5. Dolezal – VBC
  6. Sulc – Yokomo
  7. Rozwadowski/PL – Awesomatix
  8. Kurecka – XRAY
  9. Blahovsky – Serpent
  10. Jarolimek – Serpent

BL: Simurda 10,280


TC Stock 17.5T

As well as in Modified class, also in Stock touring car we saw three finals group. Both these classes had most number of participants. Ales Pelikan won TQ in small gap ahead of Michal Kneys followed by Rado Durana and young star Fiip Rajdus, all with XRAY cars. Ales Pelikan dominated all the final heats and won the title, while Michal Kneys finished second and Filip Rajdus third. He was also the junior champion.

Final TC Stock:

  1. Pelikan – XRAY (&TQ)
  2. Kneys – XRAY
  3. Rajdus – XRAY
  4. Durana – XRAY
  5. Andrle
  6. Mach – VBC
  7. Spelda
  8. Vesecky – XRAY
  9. Domansky – Serpent
  10. Magda – XRAY

BL: Pelikan 11,066s


1/10 Pro 10

After several years of 200mm modified pancar class this year were also 235mm wide cars allowed. The TQ was taken by Roman Krejci (Corally) ahead of Ivo Trojan (CRC) and Ondrej Kohoutek (XRAY). Krejci won all the final heats and secure the title in front of quick Trojan and young star Kohoutek. Cars were extremely quick and amazing in the long and high speed turns. Bad day in all classes was the racing day for quick Slovakian driver Andrej Vnucko. Here in Pro 10 he was not able to finish more heats due overheating.

Final Pro 10

  1. Krejci – Corally (&TQ)
  2. Trojan – CRC
  3. Kohoutek – XRAY
  4. Vicha – Corally
  5. Sorf – Corally
  6. Vnucko – XRAY
  7. Matiasek – Corally
  8. Novak – self made
  9. Sehnal – XRAY

BL: Krejci 9,797


Formula 1 Open class

There is still living foam tyres formula class with extremely quick cars without any limit. Local matador Ivo Trojan (Top Racing) with a lot of experiences in 2WD cars dominated qualification qith a big gap ahead of his team mate Martin Kucera (Top Racing) and Ales Matiasek (Corally). No major changes were in finals and Ivo Trojan took the title for the first time in this class ahead of Kucera and Kraft.

Final Formula 1 Open

  1. Trojan – Top Racing (&TQ)
  2. Kucera – Top Racing
  3. Kraft – Tamiya
  4. Matiasek – Corally
  5. Novak – XRAY
  6. Sova M.
  7. Sova T.

BL: Trojan 10,453s


Formula 1 Rubber Tyres

Limited Formula class with blinky 17.5T regulation promised a battle between Tomas Rajdus (XRAY) and Michal Kneys. These two drivers dominated the qualification ahead of Andrej Vnucko (XRAY) from Slovakia. Kneys won after exciting final heat the first race, but Rajdus won the second one. So the third final race had to decide who would be the champion. It was interesting battle and many times influenced by slower drivers. In one of this overtaking Kneys missed the timing point and lost one lap, so Rajdus became the champion ahead of Kneys and Vopat

Final Formula 1

  1. Rajdus – XRAY (&TQ)
  2. Kneys – XRAY
  3. Vopat – XRAY
  4. Vnucko – XRAY
  5. Sova
  6. Horak
  7. Kanina – Tamiya
  8. Svoboda – XRAY
  9. Sehnal
  10. Bartos

BL: Kneys 11,970


Pancar 1/12

The quickest cars of all were in 1/12 modified class. Ales Pelikan won the TQ ahead of Kuba Simurda and Marcel Dostal, all with XRAY X12 cars. All the finals were very quick with several crashes. Due this Dostal won the title without extreme pressure. Sad was Simurda who finished only the second final heat as well as Pelikan. However this class was extremely dominated by XRAY cars, the current European winning concept.

Final pancar 1/12

  1. Dostal – XRAY
  2. Vnucko – XRAY
  3. Cermak – XRAY
  4. Hummel/D – Corally
  5. Pelikan – XRAY (&TQ)
  6. Syrovatsky – XRAY
  7. Simurda – XRAY
  8. Sorf – CRC

BL: Dostal 9.513