Yokomo BD7-2016 carbon chassis & top deck



Yokomo has announced two new optional carbon parts, a chassis and top deck for BD7-2016 1/10 Electric Touring Car. The new carbon chassis is made from a new carbon weave which is stiffer, however also slightly thinner than the standard has more cutouts in the centre which provides a better-balanced flex front and rear, resulting in more corner speed and initial steering. It is designed for tracks with medium to low grip surfaces.

Next comes the new soft top deck to compliment their Aluminium chassis. The new softer top deck improves traction and provides a more progressive feel, which translates to more side bite. The new top deck proved very successful at the recent ETS in Austria over the weekend, with both stock and modified drivers preferring the softer top deck with the aluminium chassis on the ETS carpet.

B7-00216H(BD7-2016用CG製ハードメインシャーシ¥8000) B7-00316H(BD7-2016用CG製ハイトラクションアッパーデッキ¥8000)